Jess Taylor gives us a glimpse of AGRO's SuperPull event in Houston.
Last Update: Nov. 5, 2010
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11-5-10 The MM Employment Line -- 2 listings updated. New listing added for Food Service.

9-17-10 The MM Employment Line -- 4 listings updated. New listings added for Financial (1), Food Service (4), Grocery Stores (1), Information Technology (1), Miscellaneous (3) and Retail (7).

7-8-10 The MM Employment Line -- 14 listings updated. New listings added for Food Service (2) and Retail (2).

7-8-10 Jewelry Review -- BodyArtForms (2).

7-2-10 Jewelry Review -- The section has a new look! Plus new reviews for APM Body Jewelry, Avaia Artistic Jewelry (new), Body Modern (new), BodyArtForms (2), Onetribe Organics (4), Painful Pleasures and Wildcat.

5-25-09 SuperPull: Pulling It Off -- Modified Mind contributing writer Jess Taylor attends AGRO's SuperPull event in Houston.

5-2-09 Jewelry Review -- Blue Mountain Steel, The Chain Gang, Omerica Organic and Onetribe Organics.

5-2-09 Jewelry Review -- Signature Piece added for Maelstrom Studio Lab.


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1-2-11 -- Tune In and Headlines listings have been updated...The redesign for the Jewelry Review section went much slower than I originally anticipated, but it was completed at the start of July. I hope everyone likes the new look! I even threw in some cool details, like adding a Twitter feed for suppliers who have one available. I also added all of the backlogged reviews that have been piling up for way too long. Any new reviews or Signature Pieces submitted will hopefully go up in a more timely manner, but I am stretched pretty thin. So, please be patient if the review or Signature Piece you submitted hasn't gone up yet...Contributing writer Jess Taylor visited AGRO's SuperPull event and put together a picture-filled feature for us...Jess Taylor did an excellent interview with Mizuz Inkaholik, which you should definitely check out...If anybody is interested in making this site better, please contact me. I'd love to have some of the ideas from the Launchpad section materialize, but I need contributions from the readers to make it happen...Stay Tuned!

Show Channel Date Topic
Run's House MTV2 January 2nd

Angela wants to get a tattoo.

Permanent Mark SPIKETV January 4th

Series following "Permanent Mark" as he travels the world in search of the most unique and the strangest tattoos known to man.

How Do I Look? STYLE January 4th

A woman with tattoos and a punk-rock style learns how to look sexy, not trashy.

Time Warp SCIENCE January 7th

Segment on body modification.

Machines! SCIENCE January 8th

Segment on tattoo machines.

The Nanny TVLAND January 8th

Fran's tattoo has Maggie envious and Maxwell curious.

The Nanny TVLAND January 9th

Fran's tattoo has Maggie envious and Maxwell curious.

Miami Ink HDT January 10th

Series following the happenings at a tattoo studio in Miami Beach, Florida.

Taboo: Body Modification NGC January 11th

A look at people who modify their bodies.

Miami Ink HDT January 11th

Series following the happenings at a tattoo studio in Miami Beach, Florida.

Permanent Mark SPIKETV January 11th

Series following "Permanent Mark" as he travels the world in search of the most unique and the strangest tattoos known to man.

Married to Rock E January 14th

Susan considers getting an arm sleeve tattoo.

The Whitest Kids U' Know IFC January 14th

Comedy sketch about tattoos.

Maelstrom Studio Lab

Profile: Mizuz Inkaholik
Metal Mafia

Article Publication Date
Packers' Reasons for Tattoos are Almost as Varied as the Artwork Green Bay Press Gazette January 2, 2011
Despite Holiday, Business as Usual at Tattoo Shop Chillicothe Gazette January 2, 2011
Tattoo Artists Could See Hike in Fees Columbia Daily Tribune January 2, 2011
Health Experts Call for Law Against 'Extreme Piercing' in Kids as Young as 11 Sify News January 2, 2011
Coast with the Most for Body Art Courier Mail January 2, 2011
Gulf War Inspired Iraqi Artist's Camera Implant The National December 30, 2010
Body Art Painful for Job Seekers Wyoming News December 26, 2010
Body Art Battle: County, Body Artists Face off on Regulation, Fees Boulder Weekly December 23, 2010
Prison Tattoos: Body Art Bad for the Body Corrections One December 14, 2010
Body Piercing: Is Your Child Ready? ParentDish December 8, 2010
'You Have No Idea What's Going on Beneath People's Clothes' Irish Times November 3, 2010
The Reason a Tough Biker got a Pink Tattoo 9News October 16, 2010

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