State of the Modified Mind Address

I decided it was time to write an editorial regarding this site, rather than trying to sum everything up in the small ModCorner section of the cover. There is much I'd like to mention about this site's development over the last year. I guess you could consider this a mid-January Year In Review editorial.

The last year was a good one, adding in the month or two of 1999 that this site was active the total visitor count comes up to approximately 5000. That's unique visitor totals, not hits. December was the best month with 696 total, thanks mainly to Shannon Larratt's being generous enough to give Modified Mind a home with its own domain. This January has in turn seen 695 visitors already, and there's still almost two weeks left in the month. I'd like to say thanks to Shannon, and thanks to all the visitors of this site.

Another development of recent comes in productivity of Modified Mind, in more ways than one. I guess I'll just take them one at a time though.

First, the addition of some new staff members have created new possibilities that I did not really have working the ezine by myself. I'd like to offer one more "welcome aboard" to two new writers for Mod Mind: Helen Lewis and Bryan Walker. Both are working on some very interesting articles...their involvement on Mod Mind will be focused on developing the Front Page section into something with much more content than it currently holds. I have much in store for this section, with their articles, guest features, and art galleries from the other new staff member (and another welcome aboard is in order) Greg Morgan, who will be working on photography and some graphics for the site. I'm excited about the new staff, but at present I have enough people, so do not ask to join the staff unless you have heavy web development experience (ASP primarily) as that is the only area I might need any further staff to handle.

Next, there's been the addition of two new and important sections to Mod Mind: Round Table and Jewelry Supplier Reviews. The review section is for everyone to contribute reviews, and I will try to get the reviews published within a day of receiving them...however, due to my schedule, I might let a reviews pile up for a while if they are slow-coming and then publish them in batch. Thanks to everyone who has already contributed to that section. As for the Round Table, this section has barely taken off, but BME has already given the Year-End Awards nominated by the RT members some backing, and I'm hoping that these awards will some day be something sites consider an honor. The discussions of the RT should start taking off very soon, the current one is quite interesting as a matter of fact. I'd just like to welcome all of the RT members aboard: Frances & Jason Sand, P7, and staff members Greg, Helen, and Bryan Walker. Dustin was originally slated to be a part of this, but his schedule at present doesn't allow time for it...he might be joining the RT eventually however.

I have also done much tweaking on the site...a new sidebar background border has just been put up, the Archives have been tweaked to where the cover photo archive loads much faster, as does the whole site thanks to a much smaller sized sidebar graphic. I have completely changed the site over the last couple of months, but now everything (even the personal sections which I had let slide for so long) are on track and tweaked. If anyone sees anything that they think would look better another way, suggestions are always welcomed. I've been updating the banner as well, and a new banner should be up soon, as I plan on having a much nicer polished logo (that little circle logo is just the border for what will be the finished product) to use with the new banner.

So there's the current situation... have also been talking to Shannon, and it looks like Modified Mind has much more in store for this year, possibly receiving a bigger push thanks to BME and maybe even T-shirts eventually. Shannon has been a great help, and I cannot thank him enough. I have also been doing interviews for BME, and plan on continuing with this, so look for interviews popping up on both Mod Mind & BME. I look forward to seeing where Mod Mind goes this year, and I hope we can provide some interesting reading for all of you. Thanks for visiting Modified Mind.

Thank you, Modified Mind Editor/Creator Bryan Henderson

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