Our (Heidi & I, that is) first BME-related event turned out to be a great one. Originally I had planned to just write about it on my IAM page, but decided I'd rather do it here, in a more organized fashion. I had more to say than I'd like to fit into a single diary entry.

I must say that I am from a small town, one where the piercing shops are horrible in their practices (very non-sterile environments, thinking a 10 gauge needle is a dermal punch, and thinking sterilized means that the jewelry hasn't been used on someone before) and, on top of that, are not friendly to most people except for their inner circle of friends. Attending the IAM BBQ that Allen Falkner organized was a great, and enlightening in a way, experience...everyone was extremely friendly and I was able to meet a group of people I'd only known previously through BME/IAM. Most of these people were ones I'd either never talked to or only said a few words to, except for Ron and Shan. But it didn't seem as if I were meeting many of them for the first time...I felt right at home. Also, as was pointed out at the event, Heidi and I are a bit on the quiet side, so if we seemed snobbish or rude in any way, we're not....we're just quiet people. So while we might have seemed bored at times, we were just being our quiet selves and taking in everything happening around us.

I also had my first experience at pulling, and although brief, it was nice to at least have the opportunity to feel what it's like to do a pull. The reason it was brief was that I became lightheaded, probably due to nerves and not having had much to eat that day. Stupid me, eh...it hasn't discouraged me however. Quite the opposite actually, as having been a part of something like that, for even such a short time, has made me more determined to be in better condition by the time another opportunity arises. I have slacked off in my diet and am not in good shape, which more than likely played a part in things. I must again give thanks here, to the people who checked on me after I stopped pulling...I appreciate your concern. The fact that I couldn't stay in the pull was the only upsetting part of the bbq, it was a real personal disappointment for me, hence the determination to be ready next time an opportunity comes along.

I also witnessed three suspensions at the bbq, and a couple more at Allen's house afterwards. This was another first for me, seeing suspensions in person. I had thought coming into this event that I wouldn't even see a suspension or pull, as it was not originally a part of the plan to do any. However, Allen saw a tree and the rest is history.

I just want to thank Allen for setting this up and everyone who attended the event for showing this small town guy what the real modified community is like. I only wish I could be a part of the community in real life, rather than being stuck out here by myself, but that'll change soon. Heidi and I are moving to Albuquerque, so there'll be at least some sense of a modified community...and I do plan on visiting everyone in Dallas again at some point, maybe for a Suscon, maybe just on a random weekend.

Again, thanks Allen, for making this possible...thanks Ron, for getting me involved in the pull...thanks to everyone for showing me how great this community is.

Thank you,
Bryan Henderson
Modified Mind Editor/Creator
[email protected]

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