Funmail and More Responses

Well, this time I don't really have anything new I want to discuss. I do have a small rant to start with, somewhat based on a "funmail" I received today, and I suppose it's the closest I'll come to a new subject for this editorial.

This is from Rahn in response to an e-mail regarding a Jewelry Supplier Review:

How about a hundred words about why a hundred word minimum is a joke, and so is the person (you?) that set that amount. When people want to contribute, good or bad, the most boring thing you can do is drag it out. Here's short and sweet. Go have sexual intercourse with yourself!

I have had the 100 word minimum in place for some time now, and his review came in at 79 words. Why not accept it? Because the 100 word minimum needs to be strict. The reason it needs to be? Because when it wasn't strict I received a lot of very short reviews that didn't describe the experience in enough detail. And honestly, 100 words is not a lot.

Now for the question, why 100 words? It's a good limit in my opinion. Looking at the reviews already in place, 100 words seems to be the usual breaking point between the informative reviews and the rather general reviews. I think it's rather amusing that if the reviewer who wrote the complaint had added the same amount of words to his review he'd easily make the 100 word limit.

Reviews need to be informative, and that means details of the experience in dealing with a supplier must be given. Why is it so hard to write 100 words about anything? Would it be better to publish reviews which say nothing more than "they suck" or "they rock" or would you rather know why they're a good or bad supplier? Tell me what you think of the 100 word limit.

Moving on, I've noticed several sites including links to Modified Mind on their pages. If Modified Mind doesn't have a link to your site in the ModMap, please let me know and one will be added. I do appreciate those of you who bring more traffic ModMind's way.

Now, for a few responses to previous editorials . . .

Jennifer Baron had this to say regarding the Restaurant Encounters editorial:

I just finished reading your editiorial "restaurant encounters", which I enjoyed very much. Since you asked, I'm going to tell you what I do when I find myself in a similar situation. (which, unfortunately, happens quite frequently). My usual response is to smile - to try to be as freindly as possible - and never to let other people's ignorance get the best of me, regardless of how upset it may make me. I believe that most people who are disrespectful or rude towards people who are different then themselves - do so out of fear and ignorance. By being outwardly rude - they are usually trying to antagonize "us" into fitting the mold that they've already made for us in their minds. Reacting in an equally negative manner only reduces us to their level. I think that being polite, friendly, and understanding of these people's "mental limitations" (for lack of a better word) - is the only way to break their misguided ideas down.

In other words, let's kill them with kindness.

Even if they never accept "us" - they'll eventually have a hard time coming up with bad things to say about us. And - hey, who knows, maybe they'll even give the next modder they come in contact with a chance.

I do believe this is a good philosophy to have, but not that it would necessarily apply to the experience I had. I always try to be polite and respectful to others, modded or not, and supportive of modded people or not. The first impressions people make are based on appearance, but after that comes the way one acts. Behavior can make a difference in impressions, and I think it's all we can do to be the best person we can. If we still receive the same judgement from close minded people, then nothing else we do will change that.

Here's what Kristin had to say on the topic:

Being from West Texas, and from a smallish community (Midland/Odessa), I can sympathize with your situation. Though not heavily modded, I do posses several tattoos and piercings and have been judged on appearances only. It does hurt and it has made me question the narrow-mindedness of society, but I, like you, would have simply turned the other cheek. I am not overly confrontational and have only met my judgers head-on one or two times; making me feel cheap and defensive. I try to let my intellect and general good nature overcome and hope that one day a new light will shine on the modified community.

And Aubra had this to say:

I won't name names, but I have been to that restaurant and had the same thing happen to myself and a few freinds. It's quite a shame isn't it? Hopefully things one day may change, but I won't hold my breath.

It definitely is a shame, and it depresses me to think that people would judge me so quickly by my appearance. The hope that things might change is there, but the thought that these narrow-minded people will raise a new generation of narrow-minded people makes me think things will never change. Only time will tell I suppose.

Thank you, Modified Mind Editor/Creator Bryan Henderson

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