The Future Revealed

The coming of the new year stemmed much thought in me concerning what direction mods are headed in. The thoughts do not even center around innovation in the realm of body modification as much as they concern the treatment we receive for our lifestyle.

We all know about the stares, the basic "FAQ" list all of us have memorized answers for, and the harassment and job discrimination we face due to mods. This world is becoming too judgemental based solely on appearance.

Why can't our talents be what reflects on the job, rather than how many piercings or visible tattooes we have? Some people have made it into good positions, but it's not always that way. Where will the future take us?

So far, I see a positive path that future will travel. I don't know if the "does it hurt?" question will ever completely go away, but everything else points in the right direction. Acceptance, or at least tolerance, seems to be on a rise...maybe someday, I'll walk into a restaurant and be served by a waiter with 3/4" lobes and a large gauge septum piercing, or one with facial tats.

We can all dream can't we?

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