An Introduction to The Modified Times

I guess since this is the first issue everything is sort of introductory. I already explained most of the news section, so I guess I'll kind of get to other stuff here. The other sections of my page is what I mean. The BBS & Mod Map are the other two portions of the Body Mod section. Here's their purpose:

BBS--I plan on this being the social interaction discussion forum, since all the other body mod bbs's I know are technical in nature for the most part.

ModMap--I look around for certain types of mod sites, especially with something specific in mind. I have a hard time finding sites sometimes. For example, organic jewelry sites are hard to find, especially when they aren't separated from the other jewelry sites. The ModMap will be more like a treasure map of where to go. "X" marks the spot for organic jewelry or various other more specific than average searches. I plan on developing this as I go, so bear with me. It'll start off small, but I'll keep a list of links and add to the map on a regular basis.

Well, that's what I'm covering this time around. Starting next time the site is updated (the 15th), I plan on archiving old issues and putting up a new one. The next one will hold much more when it comes to "The Front Page" & this section. I hope everyone likes...

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