Media Stereotypes

I know, I know . . . this conversation has already taken place too many times, but something in Shannon Larratt's IAM page diary got me started again. He listed two articles that use body modification as part of their add campaign. The problem with this? The use of negative steroetyping, of course.

I have used Macromedia Flash for web development on this site, and still do. Macromedia is one of the stereotyping companies mentioned by Shannon. Modified people are listed right along side of mallrats and rednecks as being too stupid to use Flash. It's rather funny, since most of my good friends through BME are very intelligent regarding computer software.

Shannon himself is one good example of this. Just look at all of the work he has put into IAM. Is he stupid? I think not. But if Macromedia were to see Shannon, they probably would assume that he couldn't even make a simple webpage due to his mods.

The other ad involved accepting blind dates over the internet, showing a pierced female and making her seem like a bad result of the accepting of this blind date. Why? Or is the investment company assuming we're too stupid to be involved in investing?

Maybe all of this is due to close-minded beliefs, but does this mean that nvst or Macromedia should get away with this? No. I urge everyone to write a letter or email to these two companies complaining about their use of the negative stereotype associated with mods in their ads. Do not let this continue.

Modified Times Creator/Editor Bryan Henderson

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