Random Thoughts

I don't know exactly where to begin, but I thought it was about time for another of my editorial columns. They shouldn't really be called editorials, more like an update on Modified Mind as that is usually what it turns out to be and what this one will mainly be.

First, since I'm publishing this on the same day as the Modified Wedding Gallery, I'd like to again say congratulations to Sasha & Agni, two very interesting people who I have had the opportunity to interview and get to know. I wish them the best of luck in their marriage. Suspensions at a wedding are something I had never thought of, don't know why but just hadn't, but what a great idea!

Moving on to other Mod Mind topics, lately there have been some changes and additions to the lineup here, and I'd just like to mention those. The Modified Mind BBS is now being hosted on Beseen as the BME hosting server that this site is on was having some trouble handling ASP. While I prefer to host my own board, in ASP, the Beseen boards seem reliable. I have visited one that is still around now even though the website it belonged to has been offline for several months now! Hopefully this third change of the board will be the last.

The new additions are hopefully going to be very good sections of the Mod Mind e-zine for a long time. The Gallery section was added within the last few months to break those pages away from the Front Page section where they were archived, and with this more of an emphasis was placed on getting new galleries to have content in that section. Greg Morgan, the staff photographer, has provided three very nice galleries and Saryn Angel has given us one as well. While these are art galleries, Mod Mind does welcome other galleries based on themes...if you have a set of suspension photos, play piercing, or anything with a common theme throughout the photos, please feel free to send those in to [email protected]. The wedding gallery is the newest addition, and the creator of Mod Mind's logo might also be bringing us a gallery of his artwork soon. Also, if you want to recommend that we pursue an artist to do a gallery, let us know who that artist is and we'll see what we can do.

Another new addition is In The Shop which will feature a new kind of profile: shop profiles. I'm still in the process of setting exact guidelines for what I will need from the shop in terms of info and images, but if any shop is interested, just contact us at the above mentioned email address. Once I decide on exact guidelines, I'll post them in that section. I have high hopes for that section, but it all depends on getting volunteer shops wanting to get their name out.

The last two new additions are already in place. The Reader's Response is a place for more formally written reader responses to Round Table questions. It originally was going to replace the bbs, but with the bbs back, it becomes a place for more well written responses from our readers.

The second addition already in place is The Eternal Cynic, a column by Bryan Walker that is more deserving of being called an editorial than this column probably is. Bryan will be ranting on various topics and asking for the readers to respond an d get involved. I have read some of the responses to his first column, and it looks like things are going well. The second column should be a good one.

I hope to keep Mod Mind growing, so if any of you readers have suggestions please let me know.

Thank you, Modified Mind Editor/Creator Bryan Henderson

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