Research, is it really that hard?

Sometimes I feel a need to vent frustration, and this is one such case. I'll begin by saying that I am not mean or hostile in general, and I admit I do not know everything about body modification, not even by a long shot. The one thing I do know is that when I am interested in something, I take the time to do research. This is where my venting begins...

Now when I say research, I mean that I talk to piercers, reference BME, and reference any other literature pertaining to the topic. Now, in my opinion, this is all a large part of the process of knowing what you're getting into and what to expect out of a body modification. Is it hard to do? Answer: NO!

But for some people, the answer seems to be: yes! As some of you know, I frequent a number of BBS's and have seen many people come in and ask anyone in the room who knows about *insert mod here* to email them every last piece of information on the topic. Basically, they want someone to do the research for them. I have some questions for those people:

  • How much is something worth doing if you can't even work hard to research it first?
  • Should you really put your body at risk when you haven't actually done any research?
  • How do you know that the person you're asking really knows about the topic and isn't just feeding you complete shit?

    It's a short simple list, but when you think about it, these are some really important questions. Research should be done by the person undergoing the modification, as that is the only way to really know the details behind what you're undertaking.

    Safety is a big factor too. Anyone getting a piercing should research cross-contamination first in my opinion. This would cut down on the spreading of disease through piercing.

    Personal research might also help a lot more in helping someone spot a good piercer or a bad piercer. Anyone who does your research for you won't be telling you every detail that you could find on your own. They tell you the basics, which might not be good enough to help you spot certain things such as a piercer who is full of himself but really has no more knowledge than you.

    Now the reason for my venting is the increased attitude of people who are told to do their own research. People get hostile because the someone tells them they need to do something on their own. Well, think about's for your own good, so don't get mad, be thankful.

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