The Return of the Editorial

First of all, yet another apology for how slow the updates have been lately, I have been finishing my last semester of college at McMurry University. I now have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I'm just relieved to be done with school, and on to real life. I will now have more time to devote to keeping this site's content flowing. That's one of the things I plan on addressing in this editorial.

The Profiles and Gallery sections have some great content, but I'm hoping to add more -- much more. If anybody knows a good artist (body mod related) and think they should be featured in the Gallery section, please contact me or have the artist contact me. Same goes for interesting people who should be included in the Profiles section. I would also like to get some content started in the In The Shop area as well. The Round Table and Eternal Cynic should soon be home to new articles, and the review sections are more regularly updated. I'm also going to make an effort to do regular editorials, so you the reader will get two editorial style articles on a regular basis. And on one last note regarding Modified Mind, Shannon Larratt of BME has a full page ad in the next issue of Xtreme Body Mod magazine, and he has included the Modified Mind url, so maybe the site will pick up some additional traffic as well.

Now for my small bitch session...take a look at FreeRepublic's Forum. Two things about this discussion bother me. First of all, the abscess was caused from the girl removing her piercing before healing an infection...but do they mention this? Secondly, the attitude of these people toward the modified is disgusting. I suppose I am an idealist at times, but I can't believe Erik Sprague's picture was posted with such terrible comments when he is probably much more highly educated than most of the people voicing their opinions on that forum. These people would never make such comments so openly if the issue were that of race or religion, but they feel no shame in voicing their opinion when the issue is something they can never understand. I'm just in disbelief I supppose. Anyway, let me know what you think on this topic and I'll post some of the email I get next time. I know this is similar to the Eternal Cynic, but why not have two people on their soapbox rather than just one? You can email me at [email protected].

Thank you, Modified Mind Editor/Creator Bryan Henderson

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