Shocking Isn't It ?

I recently went to visit my parents, who live in the same city as I. We only see each other once every two weeks or so due to some tension dealing with my choice to modify myself.

I often try to talk to them concerning this, and although not much, there has been some small progress towards them accepting my decision in some form. However, I encountered a drawback upon this visit.

My mother was emotional to the point of tears, saying she is worried about my health.

She went on to explain that she had seen a news segment about how getting pierced leads to AIDS and Hepatitis. The show presented it in a way that made it seem like the simple action of the needle created the disease, or at least in my mother's mind, this is what it meant.

I explained intelligently what the risks are, telling her of shops I'd been to that had made me outraged at their lack of a sterile piercing enviroment and their lack of professionalism. I told her of what I watch out for, and how I would even stop in the middle of getting a piercing if I saw the piercer do anything that might put me in any sort of risk, not only for AIDS or Hepatitis, but even for an infection of the fresh piercing.

It didn't help, she was still holding back tears as best she could. And it frustrated me...all the work I'd done to show them that I was doing something perfectly healthy and good for me. It was all blown away by the media, and their attempt to shock. We watched this with 20/20 Downtown, and now it seems to rise again. The media is only out to attack bodyart. They stumbled across one of those filthy shops that nobody intelligent would get pierced at, and figured that is how all establishments of this sort are.

Shock is taking over the airwaves, and it needs to stop...why can't their be more focus on things like the imagery brought about by Essie's suspension pictures on 20/20 Downtown. The focus should be on what good comes with bodyart, while warning about the dangers of going to UNprofessional studios. Why not show how great bodyart is, rather than shock people into hating it?

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