Spiritually Modified

I recently went on a labret stretching spree, going from a 14 gauge to a 4 gauge in a week. I only stopped because my labret probably would have told me "no more!" if I had continued at all. I'm dying to stretch other piercings, and I'm impatiently awaiting my chance to get the tongue splitting I have wanted for a long time now.

It seems like sometimes I am pushing my body beyond the limits it can handle. Why?

I think I have finally found my answer to that question. Spirituality through the body. I have finally gone further into testing the body's limits than I ever had in the past. It has caused a spiritual awakening in myself, not towards Christianity or any other religion, but rather toward the body itself.

I base my thinking around the body rather than a faith, I am in awe sometimes of what the body can handle and what I take it through. I have also found comfort in my body and the mods I perform with it, a release from the stress and into a more relaxed mental state, all through the little push of a piece of surgical steel through a part of the body...

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