Teen Trends In Body Piercing

As some of the readers of this e-zine already know, I frequent the BME BBS's, and as of recent the teen trend in piercing has become somewhat of an issue. I happen to be one of the people involved in that debate, and since this is my section to voice my opinion I decided to discuss this topic in this issue's editorial.

Teens getting pierced is a large issue, as 18 is the legal age in most places, and some of the people, including the person who caused the rise of this issue on the bbs, getting pierced are under this age. Trends come and go, and some people hate being grouped with the trendies when they are not of that type.

I began my journey into body modification at the age of 19, with some feelings of wanting to gain attention, but as I got less trendy piercings I developed a new focus...I lost interest in attention gaining and gained interest in pleasing myself. Why would I do this as a trend when all I get is dirty looks and disrespectful comments from lots of people?

The answer is that I do it because I want to gain more of a spiritual sense with my body. I am atheist, and do not focus this spiritual aspect on religion, but rather on confidence and self-awareness of myself. I have gained much confidence through my mods, they have symbolism, and give me pleasure, both physical and mental. It's a hard topic to explain.

When I was 19, I was already starting to develop this view slowly. Most teens do not, but all should be given the opportunity to show that they are serious. One thing they should not do however is jump on the trend and then try to become an expert after one piercing. This is where the trend comes in.

Anyone who has spent time in a studio has seen it, the person who just barely got their tongue pierced, has never had anything else done, has not done research, and then brings a friend in for a tongue piercing. They stand there with their friend, right in front of the piercer who is about to perform the procedure, and try to talk above the piercer, as if they know more than the piercer.

Do they really know more? No. Someone who has been getting modded for years and does research might have room to at least have an intelligent debate regarding procedures or aftercare with the piercer, but not a one time pierced person who has no interest in the modded life other than the trend aspect. Too many teens end up fitting this category once given the chance to prove themselves.

The inspiration behind this editorial is one such person, a representative in a way of the whole group, and she went one step further, starting a bbs called "teen piercers", claiming to know what she is talking about and saying the others on the BME BBS were putting her down. We do not put people down, however we also do not appreciate bad advice and misinformation being spread.

There are some legit teens who really do have interest in modification, but there are some who should just be happy with their piercing and not try to claim they are the all-knowing. Give advice based on experience and not on false claims to be a piercer or an expert in the field. We in the modded community are completely willing to accept teens who are sincere, we do not discriminate based on age, but we do ask that you be honest and contribute to the community you are becoming a part of, not detract from it.

Thank you, Modified Times Editor/Creator Bryan Henderson

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