Round Table, Design Changes, Xtreme Body Mod: Another Look, and Rants

That editorial title is probably the biggest ever, and with good reason. Modified Mind has become something much larger than what it was when I first started writing editorials. My ability to go on and on about nothing has also increased. A look back at the early editorials shows a writer short on words, and one who probably didn't inspire much interest in anyone. I'm hoping that has changed at least somewhat. Modified Mind is a site for celebrating body modification, and looking into all aspects of it. There are some sections that have been successful and some that haven't. And that's where this editorial begins...

There will be a link to a separate page requesting anyone interested in joining the Round Table staff to let Modified Mind know you're interested. This request will also go out on the mailing lists. I would like to see some new faces voice their opinions in the Round Table. The Gallery, Profile and In The Shop sections are open to contributions...if you're into photography or art that in any way involves modification and would be willing to do a Gallery, feel free to contact me, same goes for Profiles or if you know of a shop that would like some exposure in the In The Shop section. I want to keep Modified Mind growing, and I need the help of you, the readers, to do so.

You'll also notice some design changes to the site. In case you missed these, the Gallery section now has thumbnails rather than the old 4 images a page format. And the other change is to the design of the ModMap, which has been cleaned up to look a bit more professional and not just a scattered bunch of links on pages.

A while ago, I did a Media Review on Xtreme Body Mod, a brand new publication. The review covered the first issue. Well, the second issue finally is out, and it has seen some improvement. I don't feel the need to review each issue but I think I'll point out when new issues are released and if anything interesting is in them. Shannon Larratt of BME contributed an article on scarification for this new issue, and there are a few more "Pro-files" on scarification/branding artists and piercers than in the last. I don't know if the writers of the magazine read my review or not, but there was a small editorial discouraging the practice of getting modded while intoxicated, which is something I pointed out in the review. My hope had been to see this magazine head away from being a glorified tattoo magazine and into more of an extreme mod magazine. It's not all the way there yet, but progress has been made. The magazine still seems to prefer photo galleries of tattoos to that of extreme mods, but there is a vast improvement over the first issue regarding the coverage of tattoos versus that of other bodyart. There's also a full page add in the front cover for BME, SPC, and Modified Mind.

Well, when I was originally thinking about this article, I had more of a rant planned, but it's gone down a degree. I've been rather upset at several things lately...little things regarding media coverage or people's attitudes. The media lately has portrayed body modification as a "wrong side of the tracks" practice. This offends me...I am not a criminal, a street thug, and I don't want to be referred to as one. As I'm sure most of you would agree, another thing that annoys me is people who stare...I would actually rather be asked a stupid question than just get stared at. These are just a few frustrations I want to vent, but I want to hear from you readers...what is your body mod-related pet peeve? E-mail me at [email protected] and let me know. My next editorial will include any letters I get.

Thank you, Modified Mind Editor/Creator Bryan Henderson

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