The Modified Mind Employment Line: Supermarkets
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Business Location Face Ear Tat Hair Mgr EH Details
A&J Seabra South Attlebro
Albertson's numerous locations Following locations allow facial piercings:
Denver, CO
Canada Safeway Canada Strict policy against piercings, not even retainers are allowed.
Dierbergs Markets St. Louis, MO
Dominion Grocery Store Ontario
Fred Meyer (owned by Kroger) northwest USA Ear piercings limited to females only. No facial hair/long hair on men.
Genaurdi's numerous locations Facial hair not allowed.
Giant Eagle Pennsylvania
West Virginia
Ear piercings allowed in moderation.
Harris Teeter numerous locations Maximum of 1 piercing per lobe.
H-E-B Texas Jewelry for facial piercings limited to studs. Food handling personnel might not be allowed any jewelry.
Kroger numerous locations Retainers allowed.
Kwik Trip numerous locations Maximum of 4 ear piercings total.
Marketplace IGA numerous locations
No Frills Canada Piercings are allowed, but discouraged on front end workers.
Pathmark Grocery Stores Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York Policy on facial piercings usually only enforced on front end workers.
Price Chopper northeast USA Bright colored clothing not allowed.
Publix Grocery Stores southeast USA
Safeway numerous locations Facial hair not allowed.
Save-on-Foods Squamish, BC Maximum of 1 facial piercing.
Shaw's New England Piercings allowed in moderation.
Sheetz MD, NC, OH, PA, VA, WV Maximum of 2 piercings per lobe or 1 industrial piercing.
Super Stop & Shop Coventry, RI Maximum of 2 facial piercings.
SuperStore Canada Ear piercings limited to lobes in some stores.
Supervalu Anniston, AL Mods allowed for warehouse personnel.
VG's Food Center Sterling Heights, MI
Walgreens numerous locations Retainers allowed.
Whole Foods Market/Wild Oats numerous locations The handbook says "one tasteful piercing" and "no bull rings".
WinCo west & northwest USA Maximum of 2 piercings per ear and limited to females only.
Woolworths Supermarkets Australia Maximum of 2 piercings per ear. Employees of fresh food departments must transfer to a non fresh food department for the duration of initial healing period after a tattoo.
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