The Modified Mind Employment Line: IT & Computer Programming
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Business Location Face Ear Tat Hair Mgr EH Details
Apple Computer worldwide
Club Penguin Canada
Comtronic Systems Cle Elum, WA
Dell Computer Corporation Round Rock, TX
In new-hire orientation they specifically said that they did not discriminate based on tattoos or piercings. Company handbook has no rules against body modification.
Digital Insight ----
Earthlink numerous locations
IBM worldwide In all Fabrication/Clean Rooms: Earrings may be worn as long as fully contained in the bouffant. Facial piercings must be fully covered by the face mask prior to entering perimeter.
INFONXX San Antonio, TX
Iowa Telecom Iowa
LifeLine Communications Tahlequah, OK
MCI Relay Memphis, TN
MCI Worldcom numerous locations
Microsoft Redmond, WA
Nextel numerous locations
Rackspace Hosting Texas and Virginia
Relay New Mexico Albuquerque, NM
Sprint numerous locations
Telus Communications Company Canada
Yahoo! ----
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