The Modified Mind Employment Line: Health
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Business Location Face Ear Tat Hair Mgr EH Details
Borgess Ambulatory Care Corporation Kalamazoo, MI Ear piercings limited to lobes only. Small tattoos allowed, bigger or offensive ones must be covered.
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation - National Office Toronto, Ontario, Canada
CVS Pharmacy/Caremark numerous locations All mods allowed but should be kept to a minimum. Employee handbook says to use discretion when choosing what jewelry to wear (no talons, spikes, etc).
Devereux numerous locations Might be limit on how far earrings can hang.
KidsPeace east USA
Kinney Drugs New York
Ear piercings limited to lobes only.
Moss and Leakey United Kingdom No written guidelines regarding tattoos, piercings or hair color.
Rizzieri Spa & Salon New Jersey
Seattle Children's Hospital & Regional Medical Center Seattle
SWCRC Southern Worcester County, MA
WVU Health Science Center Morgantown, WV No written guidelines regarding tattoos or piercings.
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