Special Shop Review: Addictive Ink -- Albuquerque, N.M.

Small town life caused very little chance for modifications, except piercings and tattooes. I have seven piercings done in town, all at the same shop: Tight Lip Body Piercing. However, due to a dispute between the owners, the shop closed down. There are others in town, but none that made me comfortable about getting pierced there. One is unsterile, the other just doesn't give me the comfort I want.

This led me out of town for my modification needs. However, most places I went didn't make me comfortable...they also seemed very unknowledgeable...I'd ask about dermal punches and they had no clue. Finally, I was going to Albuquerque for Thanksgiving.

There, I discovered Addictive Ink, a mid-sized shop located on Central across from the Fair Grounds. I walked in to a welcome from Loiue, one of the piercers. We began discussing my thoughts on what I wanted to get done then and in the near future. I mentioned my desire for a dermal punched conch and tongue splitting. He had experience in both of these areas before...this impressed me. I decided to get my nipples done, but the size of my nipps changed the initial piercing plan of mine for 8 gauge down to a 14 gauge.

The piercing procedure itself was quite sterile...the room was cleaned, proper switching of gloves after touching non-sterile items, and a flawless set of piercings. Loiue's bedside manner was great too, continuing to discuss mods and keeping me comfortable in the situation. I had a hard time finding someone to do my piercings, as I had a very trusting relationship with my previous piercer. This turned out to be a new confidence...I've found somewhere I feel comfortable to get pierced again. If any of you are ever in Albuquerque, look them up: 6904 Central Ave. SE or give them a call at (505)268-5006

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