Special Shop Review: Addictive Ink -- Albuquerque, N.M., The Return Visit

I was in Albuquerque once again as Christmas approached, and on the day of Christmas Eve, I went to Addictive Ink once again...this time for a tragus piercing.

Now that is small compared to the nipps on Nov. 24th...but at a 12 gauge, I was slightly nervous. I was once again in a very comfortable position, now knowing the piercer and having been pierced by him previously.

The procedure went perfect, and I am now healing a 12 gauge tragus piercing. Once again I felt the shop deserved recognition, there I decided to write this review. I have visited many shops in Albuquerque, but this is by far the best and friendliest among that bunch.

If any of you are ever in Albuquerque, look them up: 6904 Central Ave. SE or give them a call at (505)268-5006

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