The search for unique jewelry, something other than just the normal circular barbell or captive bead ring, can be a difficult one. True, there are organics, pyrex, acrylics . . . but what if you want something in surgical steel but a bit unique? There aren't many choices out there. Custom Steel, however, is providing one.

Their selection of captives and circular barbells includes styles such as sprocket, phoenix, axiom, wrangler, elite and my personal favorite: neotribal. The phoenix, sprocket, neotribal and the axiom tribal all involve the use of notches in the jewelry to create a unique style. The wrangler has the look of a ring of barbed wire, and the axiom is a more oval shaped ring rather than round. There are many different pieces, labrets as well as just the rings and circular barbells incorporate these styles into their design. The company also features plugs now, with eyelet and solid designs. And, if all else fails there is the option of going custom. The images shown with this review highlight the neotribal line, which is what this special review will focus on.

Pat Pruitt from Custom Steel sent a pair of neotribal ear weights (1/2") and a neotribal pincher (2ga) my way. I had needed a 00ga pincher, but Pat thought I wanted a 2ga. He agreed to ship out one of the correct size, with no problems. The service on Pat's part has been excellent. I wanted the jewelry in time for graduation and when the time grew near, Pat went out of his way, shipping the jewelry through next-day delivery mail.

As already mentioned, the jewelry styles alone are impressive. Now for a look at the actual jewelry . . .

The pincher is wonderful, perfect finish and design. It has a tight diameter and would look good on any septum it could fit. I am awaiting the 00ga pincher, which will also be done in a rather small diameter considering the gauge of the jewelry.

The ear weights are a bit of a problem though. The design and finish are just as nice as the pincher, and the size alone is overwhelmingly impressive. The size of the slots through which the lobes fit is rather small however. The weight of this jewelry requires that one have a thick bottom to their lobe, but a thick bottom makes inserting these weights a bit difficult. A bit of lube would probably solve this problem though.

If you're into the look of steel, but want something different, this is the place to go. The different designs offer something for everyone. The weights are a bit extravagant and difficult to manage, but the more reasonable jewelry is easy to deal with and of the best quality. The prices can be high at times, but many of the pieces here could almost be considered closer to custom work, since they are not offered by every supplier out there. This is definitely a jewelry supplier worth considering when you look for your next jewelry purchase.

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