Special Shop Review: A Madison at Addictive Ink

I pulled up to the shop with my fiance, Heidi, at the same time that Louie, my piercer, did. He had done my nipples and tragus on previous visits, as told in the other two shop reviews, and this time I wanted him to do a madison.

He told me he was trying a new technique and I could be a guinea pig if I wanted to. I decided to go for it. His technique involved using tygon for the jewelry, and inserting by piercing at a 14 gauge and then sliding in an 18 gauge bar and then bringing the tygon in over it and then removing the bar and needle as the tygon came in.

I was willing to try, and we began the procedure...the piercing was rather non-painful, but the tygon lost contact and only went half way into the piercing. Louie asked if I wanted to keep trying to get it through, or settle on a barbell. I told him to keep trying, and after a few stubborn tries, the tygon went through all the way and I now have a madison slightly larger than a 14 gauge. It is already healing nicely after a week and a half.

Once again, Addictive Ink was very professional and very skilled...the new method Louie tried might not have worked as planned but everything came out fine in the end.

If you are ever in Albuquerque, Addictive Ink is the place to go for piercings...

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