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Reviewed by: shannon
Date Added: 6-3-07
Jewelry bought: Pair of Dichroic Omega Earrings

I just read the other review on this site about Tribal Glass and the same thing happened to me. I ordered a $30 pair of earrings and they have not arrived. (It's been weeks) No response to emails, sometimes I get a delivery status notification that says they can't reach that address, but sometimes not. I cannot find the phone number that the other reviewer of Tribal Glass spoke about. I would really appreciate it if someone could send it to me. On the pages it says that all these sites are under Kinky Steel, but I can find no mention of Kinky Steel anywhere else on the net.

Reviewed by: Phil Sutton
Date Added: 8-14-05
Jewelry bought: 6ga Blue Pyrex Omegas, 6ga Clear Pyrex Twists (pairs)

Tribal Glass was a scary experience. I ordered from them, and had trouble with the website. I emailed them and didn't get a response, though when I tried the website again, it worked. Satisfied that my email got read - I ordered from them. That part went smoothly - I got a confirmation screen, and a confirmation email...

However, several weeks passed, and I didn't see the jewelry, so I tried emailing them again. Unfortunately I never got a response. I emailed them,, and all of their other splitoffs. (each one is under the same company but sells only one type of jewelry, glass, stone, bone/horn, etc.)

Over a month passed, and I did some research to find their parent company is Kinky Steel which has their own website - I called the number there, and only ever got an answering machine. They never responded to any emails or phonecalls.

The only good thing is for whatever reason I don't think I ever saw it on a statement - so I guess I never got charged... however, I did get confirmations that the payment went through - and either way whether I lost the money or not - they have TERRIBLE customer service... Actually, they don't have customer service at all from what it seems.

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