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10-5-03 -- Have you ever been stuck in a video game and not known what you needed to do next? Ever been really into a video game and wanted to decorate your desktop with an image from the game? Ever seen a commercial for a video game and wanted to know more about it? If you're a gamer, you can probably safely answer yes to all of the above. You have also probably utilized the internet in a search for a walkthrough, cheat code, wallpaper or review. But do you make your way straight to the best sites or do you search through Google results lost, not knowing where to find that Ace Combat 4 wallpaper or that walkthrough for Resident Evil 0. Well, here's the MMPortal Guide to help you find what you're looking for...

Visit IGN


IGN is one of the best online e-zines for finding previews, reviews, news and media on all console and PC games. IGN as a whole provides more than just gaming content, with coverage of movies, music, cars, and so on. Within their gaming section, there are separate comprehensive mini-sites for each of the consoles, portables, and the PC. It also includes IGN Gamestore powered by Gamestop, which offers good deals and free shipping on games and accessories.


Even if you're searching for cheats and walkthroughs for an older console, GameFAQs is the place to go. Every system is covered, with FAQs, walkthroughs, cheats, secrets, strategy guides, and message boards. There are also occasional contests run by the site with some good prizes.

Visit GameFAQs

Visit GameWallpapers


A good site for high quality wallpapers featuring video game artwork. There are many free wallpapers available, with additional member content for $10 dollars (US) a year.


No due dates, one flat monthly rental fee, and unlimited rentals. Interested? You can rent 2 games at a time, keep them as long as you want, and only pay just over $20 a month. Still interested? If you keep a game for a day and then return it, when they receive it they send out the next game on your you could rent a lot of games in one month for just above $20 or you could rent 2 games, play them all month and not worry about late fees. And for those of you with a smaller budget, there's a "one-game plan" for $14 a month.

Visit Gamefly

Visit G4


This is every gamer's dream...a television station devoted entirely to video games. If you don't have this cable network in your area, you should demand it!

Moby Games

This is a project attempting to catalog all relevant data about video games, on a game-by-game basis. Like GameFAQs, more than just the current consoles are covered. Cover art, release info, credits, tech specs, etc are all listed. Very ambitious and very interesting.

Visit Moby Games

The Consoles

This is the no-brainer...what console fan wouldn't visit the site of the company who brought them their beloved system. Here they are:

Sony Playstation/Playstation 2
Microsoft Xbox
Nokia N-Gage

Publisher Sites

Sometimes publisher sites are the best source of multimedia and information on a video game. Here are some of the top publishers:

Square-Enix -- Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, etc.
Polyphony Digital -- Gran Turismo.
Capcom -- Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Onimusha, etc.
EA Sports -- Madden, Tiger Woods, NBA Live, etc.
Lucas Arts -- Star Wars games.
Koei -- Kessen, Dynasty Tactics, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, etc.
THQ -- WWE wrestling games.
Sega -- formerly in the console market, now solely a game publisher.
Acclaim -- All Star Baseball.
Atari -- classic game producer and former console giant.
Activision -- Tony Hawk, Wolfenstein, True Crime.

Disclaimer: All images in this article are screen captures taken by Modified Mind. The images contained in these screen captures are the property of the websites they depict.

Quick Fix

The plan for this column is to give brief headlines, newsbites, etc. and to point out sites worth a visit....those of you who are into wrestling may want to check out NWA:TNA if you're tired of WWE or just want even more wrestling to watch. If nothing else, support them because the competition will make WWE a better product in the long run. They have some television deals, a weekly pay-per-view, and recently announced plans to offer Video On Demand on Comcast, with a highlight program available every month. There's also a rumor that Hulk Hogan might be making appearances soon to help get this organization some publicity. Among the stars working there are Jerry Lynn, AJ Styles, Raven, Jeff Jarrett, D-Lo Brown, Sandman, Shane Douglas, Konnan, and BG James. The PPVs usually run $10 for 2 hours (plus the replay right after) but there have been $3 or $4 PPVs and even a highlight show recently for 1 cent. I'll try to mention it here if there's an extremely inexpensive show....MMPortal's main focus, if you haven't noticed, will be wrestling and video games, but also feature sports, PC related topics, and entertainment main entertainment topic will be movies, so here's a couple of items for you: I'm a big horror/scifi fan so expect plenty of talk of those two categories, for example the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre is hitting theaters October 17th and 28 Days Later will be out on DVD/video later this the video game front, I must recommend a couple of games (and I might end up doing reviews here eventually): Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic from Lucas Arts for the Xbox is the best Star Wars game I've ever played, it's an RPG featuring plenty to keep you busy for hours and an interesting storyline. The other game worthy of mention is Tiger Woods 2004, featuring Gameface, where you can pretty much create yourself as a golfer in the game (sadly I must complain about the lack of any facial jewelry to add to your created golfer! However there is a tattoo editor, and you can save up to 5 tattoo designs to put on your golfer -- nothing facial however)....well, in the future, keep an eye on this section for more small newsbites of this nature.

Bryan Henderson
MM creator/editor
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