pre-2001 cover images

Loco, the webmaster of Todd Bertrang's site and a very dedicated mod enthusiast

The more polished new look cover of Modified Times

The first cover for the new look of Modified Times

J: A Personal View

Jason and Frances, two very interesting people who's outlooks on love are covered in the Modified Love article.

Heidi is now a college graduate . . . I'm so proud of my fiance :-)

May 1, 2000 -- a picture of Heidi and myself, Bryan aka Crow, at a banquet.

April 1, 2000 -- Aesthete after experiencing a branding, from the Branding & Aesthetics profile.

February 1, 2000 -- The first Modified Times Cover Photo, Jason Sand and Steve Haworth in Phoenix during Jason's trip for implants and other mods. The photo was for the headline profile, The Phoenix Trip Q&A