Thoughts of Suspension

I have been interested for a while now about getting to participate in suspensions, specifically ones called "energy pull" and "superman suspension".

The first time I ever knew of a suspension of any type was when I watched a movie called " A Man Called Horse", in which Richard Harris was suspended via 2 hooks in the chest muscles. (I believe the proper term for this type of suspension is OkePa). At the time I was impressed by the body's ability to suspend all its weight on skin and muscle. Though I at first thought it was fake, I learned later in my life that suspensions like this one are real.

In my life I have had many things occur of which have had no definite answer. I think my life could be made into a book like Shirley McLaine's book called "Out On A Limb", in which she details the things that brought her to a new level of spirituality.

I could write a novel on all the odd occurrances that have happened in my life that have no explanation, but suffice to say, no one has been able to give me a clear answer. The ones that do give suggestions to me have told me that someone or something is trying to contact me. ( I am a skeptic by nature because my life deals mainly with physical aspects, and science. But I am open minded, so I have the ability to be skeptical, yet understand on different levels.)

Why do I want to participate in a suspension? I have been told that when you do a suspension, there is a possibility of having a spiritual experience that will allow you to achieve a new level of spirituality. I wouldn't doubt that, considering the rite of suspension has been performed for many, many years(mainly by native americans). Since I have decided to take the next step in spirituality, a suspension seems only logical.

The 2 forms of suspension i want to particpate in are the energy pull and the superman suspension. ( they are referred to as different ones, so i will explain them. Energy pull is when you have 2 hooks in your back and a few other people are participating as well - and it almost looks like a tug of war that uses hooks in the back. Superman suspension is one that looks like superman flying- you lay on your stomach and hooks are placed on your back and legs and arms . I decided on these types because the first one, the energy pull, would allow me to get the feel of a suspension, and the second one would be easier to do compared to a coma style, which would be hooks on the front of the body, and care must be taken becasue of the center of gravity changes in that position.)

The research I have done so far has made me believe that there are 2 types of suspensions done today: ones done for spiritual enlightenment, and ones that are only done as a performance. And, the ones that are done for spiritual enlightenment are usually done when a Shaman, or spiritual guide, is present. ( Side note: I have relayed many things to people trying to help me, and in each conversation, I am told that I am possibly a Shaman myself, and that I need the guidance of a Shaman to let me know what is going on.)

About 2 months ago I was fortunate enough to be able to see a live performance of suspensions. I also was able to talk to the performers that were going to do the suspensions. Although they were doing their performance not for the spiritual enlightenment, I still learned a few things from them and I saw first hand the expressions on their faces when they were doing the suspensions. Each one of the performers had to leave for a while so that they could insert the hooks and get prepared for their suspension.(I would have liked to see the hooks being inserted so that I could have noticed the amount of force needed to insert the hooks, and if the hooks were pointed, since you really couldnt see if they were and I wasnt going to be the one to touch them after the suspension because of things I learned after the performance).

When they proceeded on stage, the first one to do a suspension was a man in his 20's. His face showed little expression except for a bit of feeling from the hooks tugging his skin while he was being lifted (he had 2 hooks in the chest and 2 in the back) Other than that, he seemed like it was not much of an experience. The next one to be suspended was a man in his mid 30's. He looked like he needed to meditate while being lifted since he kept his eyes closed and it looked like he was concentrating.

The next group were 2 women, who had 2 hooks in their back and they used a bungee- style cord to attach themselves to each side of the stage, and then slowly went toward each other until they could hold hands. Each one of the women had smiles on their faces as if they were having a good time doing it.

When all the performers were done, they came around the bar and were answering questions for people. I guess I was the first one to get the ball rolling:) I asked them why don't they take out the hooks, since they still were walking aroung with them inserted. I was told that when they do a suspension, a lot of adrenaline is made, and that when they remove the hooks, either they will be wired all night, or they will fall asleep immediately from such a rush. ( I then decided not to touch the hooks in case I might cause a reaction like I just mentioned.) They also told me that anyone could do a suspension, it all depends on the amount of hooks inserted that makes for the weight to be able to be lifted without ripping the skin. Another thing to note; they told me that after doing a suspension that the skin where the hooks have been will take time to get back to its normal look. There are a few different things that can happen to the skin after a suspension, of which from what I understand are only temporary. I talked to them a while and thanked them for the performance and they gave me their card. To my surprise, they were located in the state I live in.

I have only told a few people of my interest in doing a suspension, mainly people on the net, and a few of my local friends. Although my local friends are not into piercings(as I am), they were not judgemental about me wanting to do a suspension, and as a matter of fact they wanted me to send them pictures of the event. COOL!

As for people on the net, however, the response has been half and half. I found places to post my intentions, but after I saw the way some of the postings were getting downed, I decided against posting because I felt that my posting would only lead to having it downed.

Sometimes, even people that can relate to many things (and many ideas) lose track that there are more things that can bring upon spiritual enlightenment. I could talk to people about my piercings and how they changed my life ( for the better), but when explaining how a suspension would bring enlightenment, not many people are either open-minded, or able to accept my beliefs.

My piercings brought about a change in my life for the better. How? When I started getting piercings, I got them for 2 reasons, 1) because I wanted them, and 2) because I had heard that being pierced would increase stimulation for sex (and I felt I needed all the help I could to get a woman to be with me). What I found out after my piercings is that you have to be comfortable with yourself before you can be comfortable with others. I have had numerous times where people have told me that if I want to get a date I would have to take out my piercings. I realized they were not being realistic, but in turn were telling me that I should not be myself and I would get a date. I have been to places after I got pierced and realized that in bars, and other places that people have a tendency to put on a "mask" for others to see, and that is not their real self. Since this insight, I have learned that my piercings have been the best thing for me because I can truly see what I couldn't before -- and I now know that the woman that would be true to herself and to others, and wouldnt want to wear a "mask" would be the woman I would genuinely want to meet.

I find it funny that my piercings have given me this insight becasue of all the negativity that you hear on the television about piercings, tats, suspensions, and other modifications. Think about the book Frankenstein. In my opinion it can be related to anything that is new, and misunderstood. When there are ideas that are different from the majority, the majority has (and still does) want to destroy anything that is different. We as a community have to find our niche` and be able to show others that not only are we a valued member of the community, but we alone have found out that being ourselves is the best thing going, and that if all people decided to be as open as ourselves, chances are there would not be as many arguments, wars, etc.

I hope that people like us will be able to show the world to throw away their "masks", and be themselves. When that happens, I believe the world will be a better place :)

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