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The layout and appearance of this site looks polished, and the preview area shows off some of the images available in the members section. This is absolutely an adult site, with images comparable to BME/Hard. Nice layout, with a decent amount of free images.



The navigation is straight forward, with a simple to use menu. Some sections are rather bare and some are listed as "coming soon". A very easy to use website. The only negative is that if you don't have a pop-up blocker there will be a good amount of pop-up ads.



From the free section alone it looks to be another BME/Hard. Some of the text content is not in English and the price for membership is listed as 39.95 in foreign currency. This appears to be in the same basic price range as full access to BME/Hard & Extreme but the content appears to be less extreme, and there is no representation of how much content is in the member section.



It is hard to judge this site without a full membership, but in comparison to other sites out there this seems to hold less content and seems to stick to only piercing with a little scrotal stretching thrown in.


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Kinky Machine

Well here we are again folks. Obviously my last review did not suck as much as I thought it did. When Crow emailed me with the request to review the following site, I was in complete rapture. It is not everyday that you get to do a review of someone's work that you personally hold in such high esteem. OK, well that little bit is over, so here we go folks. I would just like to apologise for what may at times become my over eager review of this site.

The website in question is none other than, the online showcase for the photographic talents of Lee Higgs. I first became aware of Lee's work through the BME/Art section. This section is probably one of the hidden treasures of the BME site. Located in the BME/News section, Art contains some of the best photographers, painters, jewellers and digital artists working in the body modification fields. Lee's work first appealed to me for a very personal reason. For many years now I have been exploring the use of infrared film, in particular color infrared, and its interaction with the human flesh. I have spent much time working on what I have called 'sub dermal' imagery -- that is photographing through the outer skin layers of a person, and targeting the vein structures that lie beneath. For this I was led to a very specialised type of film, that being color infrared. Notoriously hard to work with, and very touchy to handle, it produces some pretty wicked results if treated right. So back to the chase... Lee's work, on first glance, looked very strange, almost otherworld-like. Through the use of color i/r film, and whatever secret combination of filtration and lighting, Lee has managed to create for the viewer a complete experience. Not only are the images produced visually engaging on a content level, but they are also very easy to look at.

Upon first entering, the viewer is greeted by a very stylish splash page. Clicking the enter button (who wouldn't!), the viewer is transported to the world of Kinky Machine. Easy to read fonts, coupled with a very impressive image map/site directory structure makes it very easy to find your way around. For the purpose of the review I will be confining my comments to the non-pay sections of the website (I am a student after all), but I am assured that there are many good reasons in there to part with $19.95 a month. I, alas, will be waiting a while for that to happen. Back to the review (sorry bout that guys).

With a strong emphasis on fetish photography, Lee's work takes the viewer into a world many would only dream of entering. And I feel that the sense of dreaming is accentuated by the combination of the film stock used and the wide angle lens, which causes some very attractive visual distortion. Split up into 4 main galleries, the site lets the viewer open individual images in pop-up windows. I find this a very good way of drawing attention and focus to the piece at hand, and along with that the fact that the thumbnail images are but mere crops of the larger images, makes the viewer want to open them up to see what they are missing out on (or at least I did). Of particular interest to the body modification enthusiast is Gallery Two. The images contained within maintain the feel of the overall site, but we get a chance to see a glimpse of what some would call 'normal' photography, that is the use of standard films, both b&w and color.

With a section dedicated to print sales, Lee has set up what I must say is a very impressive looking online folio and business. I have no real idea whether it is at all profitable (I was going to do a sort of interview, but ran out of time) but will endeavour to find out. The last point I wish to make in regards to this site is that since its first incarnation (or at least the first one I saw) both the imagery and the overall navigation/layout of the site has kept on evolving. This is one of the most critical things when it comes to web design. There is nothing worse than going to a site which has not been updated or overhauled in a long time (yes, I am rebuilding mine). There is constant evolution of Kinky Machine, and the recent release of Lee's photo book "Generation Fetish" . I have not as yet seen this book, but as I stated before when I get some cash... It contains 368 pages, and 330 images, making well worth the purchase price of $37.95 US (free plug....).

The only downside to the review was the apparent death of the video section. I was very interested to see the work of Lee on moving imagery, but alas the net gods were not shining, and I was greeting by a stack of 'file not found' errors and the like. The best thing about the fault is that is was the only thing I could fault in the site.

Overall, is a brilliant example of an online portfolio and should be on everyone's check-back list. I must admit that I go there on average once a week. Yes. I know, but the art is such a source of both inspiration and techniques that I consider it a must see.

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Vanishing Tattoo

Have you ever wondered about the origins of the tattoo? takes you on one man's adventure across the world to find the origin of the tribal tattoo. Find out if there are any 'real' tattoos left as you follow the voyage of the "Indiana Jones" of tattooing.

Travel with Vancouver tattoo artist Thomas Lockhart as he journies to remote locations such as Borneo, Samoa, Tahiti and more. Along the way you will be exposed to old masters of the tattoo craft and you can view over twenty facinating body art and tattoo photo galleries. If all that isn't reason enough to go to then go try their tattoo trivia quizzes, or view their web's biggest list of celebrity tattoos.

This is a very enjoyable site. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry and you won't want to stop until you have viewed each section. Well, it may not make you cry, but you will be glued to you chair as Lockhart recounts his experiences of the places he has been and the people he has met. takes you on a voyage unlike another body modification site. It will educate you and entrance you.

Though the tattoo may be only skin deep, its significance can run as deep as the soul. -Thomas Lockhart


Images courtesy of Vanishing Tattoo


Welcome to the first in what I hope to be a long running series of online reviews. Being the resident 'arty guy' here at The Modified Mind, my first review site was deemed to be Internalzine Dot Com. The site is run by Davi whom many of us know through the glorious extended BME family.

With the emphasis of The Modified Mind being toward body modification, the main part of the review will be centered around Internalzine's dedication to art by, and relating to body mods. On the front page, viewers are greeted by a well laid out, and easy to navigate site map structure. To keep us all informed of the current development of Internalzine, a regular update section with hot links is featured towards the bottom. Clicking to the Body Modification area, we are greeted by a featured piece, and archived material. The amount of information here contained within these sections, are both enlightening, with each particular artist image opening a new page containing extended work, complete with Artist info, titles, something I find lacking in a lot of sites, and clickable thumbnail images. The current line up includes, Erik Sprague aka The Lizardman, Blair, one of Canada and more overly the world's, leading body mod practioners, Roberto Medeiros another of the extended BME family, and widely featured on both IAM and BME. Lastly, I wish to comment on the current feature person/artist in the Body Mod section. Manwoman. I can honestly say that I am pretty much in the dark when it comes to this man and his work. I have previously seen, and read about him in the body mod stable Modern Primitives, but beyond that and the interview piece contained on BME I was at a loss. The images that are featured, along with the artist statement/info were both informative, and got me to do a bit more research into the man in general. If this happens to only 1 in 10 of viewers, then the world will be a better place for it.

I was going to start giving the sites I review a score, but figured that that was a tad formula based, so have decided to just tell it how I see it. That way, you the reader can visit the site, and make up your own mind.

Although the focus of the review was on the body modification art/ related art that is contained within Internalzine, this site offers much, much more. Covering all aspects of the artistic pursuits, Davi has rounded up some of the world's leading, and up and coming artists (Yes Davi, my stuff is still coming). The whole gamut of the arts is represented. Photography, my personal fav, featuring the work of both familiar artists such as Lee Higgs (Kinky Machine and BME/Art), Syx (BME/Art and Fracture Ind.), through Painting, Digital (featuring Australian Shannon Hourigan), Music (featuring the work of BME and Mod Minds own Eternal), to the eagerly awaited Performance and sculpture categories. There is also an area placed aside for interviews with artists, which I feel will add a strength to an already good package.

To finish this review without commenting on the artistic skills of its owner/creator/maintainer would be an oversight. Davi's work is based mainly in the realms of painting, a talent, which along with web design, he shows a great talent for and understanding of. I only wish that I had as much actual artistic talent, as opposed to skills honed through years of trial and error.

The New SPC: Shawn Porter Collection

Well, it's been reviewed before on Modified Mind, but the recent overhaul of the site has deemed it worthy of another review.

Shawn Porter has made the look of the site more polished and made some changes along with that. The Personals have been updated recently and a few new sections have been added. SPC is definitely setting itself up for a leading position in the body modification website world.

There is still some need for improvement. The organization of the site is a bit off, with broken and old url's in the Links section. Other than that, however, the sites has seemed to become a bit more navigation friendly with the new menu setup on the main page. The cover photos just keep improving as well.

With only a few minor details needing addressing, this site is probably one of the most underrated around. Many people know BME, but it seems like this doesn't necessarily hold over for SPC. Perhaps this year will see a rise to the top for a very nice site.

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The Eunuch Archives

Not necessarily the website everyone will want to visit, but if you're interested in eunuch stories, whether you are a eunuch, future-eunuch or just have fantasies regarding it, this is a great site to visit.

The stories are sorted in a couple of different index forms, with the Full Story Index taking a bit of time to fully load. This can be avoided by viewing the story lists through the divided alphabetical indexes, or you can just see the new stories list.

The index itself is divided into a very neat listing of stories in a very smooth looking table setup. The orientation of the stories is also specified.

If this lifestyle is something that interests you, this is a wonderful site for stories, but also includes a few other features. You can communicate with others of the same interest through a message board forum or a Java chatroom. There is also a newsletter you can subscribe to and polls to vote on. A little bit of everything for any one with eunuch interests.

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Image courtesy of BME

Just when everyone thought BME couldn't get much better, a whole new community is formed through BME's IAM.BMEZINE. This site allows for individual profile style homepages, and includes a diary, mod-tracker, and an instant messaging system among other things.

These features are often tweaked based on user requests and new features are added from time to time (planned live chatroom is scheduled for January). There are also Personals and Classifieds sections for users to find a penpal or find something they need.

Overall, this is just an amazing site, and a definite benefit to the body mod community.


Todd Bertrang

Image courtesy of Bertrang's webmaster Loco

Whether you agree or disagree with Bertrang and his methods, his site is at least worth a look. Loco (featured in an interview on Modified Times) has done a fine job of redesigning Todd's site. The site looks much more polished as a whole.

Besides being polished, the site also contains useful information. One plus is the gauge chart, which goes a bit further than most available piercing site gauge charts by stepping beyond 00 gauge and giving conversions for sizes such as 7/16" and 5/8". This is a benefit to those of us who choose to go larger and need to know millimeter/inch conversions.

As usual, Todd's site also contains much information on aftercare and scar tissue. Although the information in these sections might not be agreed upon by all, Todd's site still gives more information on aftercare involving lavender, red clover, and arnica than any other site I've seen.


Body Art: Marks of Identity

Photo © Finnin/AMNH

Although the exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History is coming to a close at the end of May, the website hopefully will remain in some form. The reason for this hope is the quality of the images contained on the site, and the information accompanying this great gallery of images.

Included on the site is a virtual tour of the exhibit. The tour requires a plug-in download which might take several minutes, and the resulting tour seems a bit disappointing. Despite this fact, there is a glossary and quite a collection of images of artwork and historical pictures of body art.

The features of the site could make one desire a trip to the museum to see these items first-hand. Definitely a site worth a visit for those who enjoy the body art and modification programming of Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel

Body Play Magazine

According to the website, it appears that Body Play will become an online only publication. Although those without internet access might not like this, the current website is looking promising and might make for a large improvement.

As Body Play says, going online does not limit them to 32 black and white pages, hence some great photos have already been put up on site. The current site is still seemingly in the opening stages and might not appear for a while yet in full form, but this site does hold much promise for a great future.

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Cork, A Perversion Of Normality

This month's is the first review of a more personal homepage, of a man who has been profiled twice on this e-zine. The site is as of yet a very small site, but it contains a number of implant and suspension pictures not shown in the profiles here. There are a few small mouseover tricks to keep things interesting. Check it out at Cork, A Perversion of Normality


This is another jewelry site I have decided to review. The catalog includes body jewelry, plus other forms of jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and rings. The introductory design gives a simple interface and a small introduction that makes the site seem more personal, rather than a harsh business. The body jewelry section is small, consisting of two pages, but includes some nice pieces. Personally being into larger gauge piercings, I would like to see available selections consisting of jewelry in larger sizes than the 14 gauge through 6 gauge that the majority of the jewelry shown is available in. Prices are reasonable and worth looking at by giving Silver Smith a visit.

The eXtreme Body

The URL for this site was posted on a BBS I frequent, and after checking it out, I felt it was worthy of review. The people who run this site have been auctioning body jewelry and related items on eBay up until now, but as their site says, they were not pleased with eBay, so they have moved out on their own. Though still considerably small, they do have jewelry for auction starting at very low prices...if you need jewelry, but can't afford to pay much, this site might be worth keeping an eye on.

Flesh and Spirit

This site presents its information in a simple layout that is easy to navigate. Most information has to do with the more ritual and performance aspects of modification, with sections on Kavadi, Ball Dancing, and Suspensions. There are some broken links and pictures that don't load, but there is plenty of useful information in the areas covered. You can visit them at Flesh & Spirit.


This is a somewhat small scale site compared to the previous two reviewed. It is a good launching point with links to helpful sites, and also includes a BBS for helpful guiding into an introduction into piercing. It doesn't delve into the extreme, but for the person looking for just piercings, it can be a helpful site at

The Shawn Porter Collection

This is a very nice site comparable to a small version of BME. There are Profiles, Portfolios, plenty of articles and editorials, and an online personals section & chat. Though not as large as BME, it's worth just as much of a visit at

Body Modification E-zine

I figured I'd do my first review on a page that heightened my interest in body mod as a whole. This IS the one site anyone interested in any area of body modification should visit. It includes everything from piercings & tattoos to the more extreme, such as surgical mods. Helpful info regarding all mods is available, along with experiences, a BBS, a chat, an online store, links, and even personals & classifieds. It's your one stop for all body mod online needs. A definite must-visit, at

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