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Another Hole Body Jewelry Staff

Dallas K. Davis and his wife Deborah co-own Another Hole and handle all daily duties/operations of the company.

Supplier History

Another Hole Body Jewelry had a self motivated start. It started with Dallas (co-owner) wanting a certain pair of plugs. After searching extensively he found them in a local shop for $90.00. Not having that kind of money to throw around he thought there must be a better way. So he started searching suppliers and found a wholesaler that had the plugs that he wanted so much. But they started in 4g. Oh how big :-] At the time Dallas was only wearing 14g but ordered the plugs and some tapers from the company using a previous business license for custom shirts, banners, business cards, stickers and other promotional items that he and his wife had started to get going. Once the order arrived Dallas had researched stretching enough to start pushing tapers in and in a short while made it up to 4g.

After having achieved his own personal conquest the business mind came into play. What to do with all the 'extra' stuff he had purchased to meet the $100.00 requirement from the wholesaler. Well, he had been doing eBay since 1998 selling garage sale items, sterling silver as well as custom-made T-shirts. So he did what came natural, took some nice clear pictures and listed them on eBay. In no time he made his money back only to re-invest it in more plugs. Dallas and his wife never wanted to carry any of the cheap belly items that were floating around on eBay for a dime a dozen and stick to this policy to this day. At the time they were one of very few eBay sellers that actually sold ear plugs. Size ranged from 14g to about 00g. Now, there are many people selling plugs on eBay and there is even a plugs and tunnels section on eBay.

Another Hole now sells items up to 2" and sometimes larger. They have turned to getting their own stone made to their specifications and selling higher end items like Anatometal, Steel Skin, Industrial Strength as well as Tombstone and many other suppliers. Starting a web site just seemed like a cheaper way to advertise all the items they were now carrying. They even had an online radio commercial and plan on doing more localized radio in the future.


Shipping Methods:
USPS First Class

Payment Options:
credit card,
money order,
debit card

Company Information

We never expected Another Hole to become as successful as it did. But, we continue to provide the best possible customer service possible. Our future plans are to expand on larger sized items, improve basic quality, continue to feature interesting people on the front page and let the customer have as much input into what we should do than ever before. We have already featured such people as The Enigma, Katzen and Louie Sanchez and hope to have more in the future. Not just of heavily modified people but of regular people with modifications that are not as drastic. We are members of the IAM community of BME and ask questions and listen to what each person has to say. We want to be the customer's site. It is not a selfish endeavor any longer, we are fighting to keep costs down and to provide new and higher quality merchandise on a daily basis. Research and development is our main concern aside from customer service.

We have started making custom jewelry and have it in the plans to create an outlet for other custom jewelry makers without regards to our own profit. We highly support custom jewelry makers. If someone is interested in being put on the website as a custom jewelry maker we would be happy to review your work.

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