BodyArtForms Staff

Bodyartforms is comprised of 3 people:

  • Ellen Bunch - Shipping and inventory management
  • Amanda Farr - Web development and customer service
  • Seth Jackson - Manufactures 14g and smaller plugs since no one else makes it
  • Supplier History

    The original idea for Bodyartforms started out around February 2001. I (Amanda Farr) was an employed web developer working for BMC Software. My sister (Ellen Bunch) was a new college student. Ellen was/is heavily into piercings, but wasn't too familiar with computers and the internet at the time. I suggested that since she enjoyed piercings and jewelry so much that maybe she could sell some jewelry on eBay for some extra money while she was at school etc.

    I helped her come up with the name Bodyartforms. About 4 months after she was selling jewelry and I saw that it was going well, I decided that some of the stuff we could be making (such as acrylic plugs, barbells, and captives). I had been working with my husband (Seth Jackson) to get our personal web development company off the ground for about 2 years but it never quite worked out. So I proposed to him that he could try making jewelry. He started in the summer of 2001. After getting the process down where the jewelry looked nice Seth and I began to sell on eBay as well (separate from Ellen).

    In February 2002 Ellen and I formed a legal partnership and was formed and working. But it was still a slow process. We didn't have a lot of jewelry or a lot of business yet to expand. It was not until August of 2002 that we got our merchant account and started to accept credit cards that our business exploded.

    Now, I feel we have established ourselves as a reputable site to order from. We are still in business and going strong and hopefully can continue to do this forever.

    Reseller of Industrial Stength & Glasswear Studios

    When we first started selling jewelry, we only had lower end jewelry. We had always wanted to carry more top name brands, but they seemed so expensive at the time and we really couldn't afford much. As time went buy we were able to buy little by little.

    Jewelry that is made by the top manufacturers has a visible difference in quality compared to lower brands. We wanted to carry both ends of the spectrum to give our customers the most variety in choice.

    Future Goals

  • Expand our organic line
  • Expand our titanium jewelry line
  • Start stocking jewelry from Anatometal
  • Keep expanding our Industrial Strength jewelry line
  • Start stocking more hard core items, like ball weights, nipple clamps, etc.
  • Possibly open up a "real" store where people can come visit
  • We never started this business wanting to sell fluffy navel crap. Our entire goal was to eventually get to the point where we could sell the stuff that more hard core people wanted. We were so excited the first time we got a pair of 2" plugs! They were huge! We wanted to be a site that was different. There are sites by the dozen where you can get the same imported navel junk over and over again. So we figure if we can provide lots of different jewelry from top grade to medium grade manufacturers then we can give our customers a huge variety to choose from in all different price ranges.

    Modified Mind Jewelry Review: BodyArtForms

    Modified Mind has been publishing reader contributed reviews for quite a while now and as I've worked on update after update I've noticed certain companies who have gained a lot of good reviews from Modified Mind's readers. BodyArtForms is one such company that caught my attention. I didn't know much about the company, but eventually they submitted a SIgnature Piece and then became first in line for the new Warehouse section of Modified Mind. I've had a lot of e-mail correspondence with Amanda Farr while putting this feature together and have learned that this is a very small privately run company with a friendly staff and a good selection of jewelry.

    The four items I received were a 7/16" glass quill, a 7/16" pyrex tube, a 7/16" double flared pyrex eyelet, and a pair of 4 gauge light blue marble swirl plugs. After discussing the possibility of a review, I searched the BodyArtForms website until I found a set of items I wished to review. I have to say that I was impressed with the organization of the website. The navigation menus are divided both by jewelry materials and by jewelry type. It was very easy to find what I was looking for without much effort.

    The pyrex tube and eyelet are both from Industrial Strength. Both pieces are flawless. The flares on the eyelet are smooth, not sharp. The flares are sudden, not gradual, but are not much larger than the diameter of the plug. If you're looking for something simple and prefer pyrex, these are great pieces.

    The glass quill is from Liquid Glass, a supplier which BodyArtForms no longer stocks. There are some pieces still available from Liquid Glass, but once the supply runs out they will not be restocking. The quill is just over 2.5 inches in length. It's an impressive looking piece due to its size, but is uneven in shape and has flaws at the tips. The shape is not even, with even the middle section tapering. The tips do not have an even tapered point, but rather almost have a hooked tip at one end.

    The pair of 4 gauge light blue marble swirl plugs are beautiful, and have a very formal look. These plugs are actually for my fiance, and she has decided that they will look very nice as her wedding jewelry. The only flaws are dimples on one end of each plug. The dimples are on the less colorful side of the plug and can easily be concealed by wearing the plugs with the more colorful end showing. The colorful end has a nice swirl of blues and whites, giving it more of a natural look. Definitely the nicest pieces of those being reviewed.

    Overall, the jewelry from BodyArtForms lived up to my expectations. The only piece I was disappointed in was the glass quill, which could have been more symmetrical. BodyArtForms has a good selection of jewelry and resells from a good company in Industrial Strength.

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    7/16" Pyrex Tube from Industrial Strength

    4ga marble swirl plugs

    7/16" Glass Quill from Liquid Glass

    7/16" Pyrex
    Double Flared Eyelet
    from Industrial Strength

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