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Body Steel UK Staff

Body Steel UK is operated by Chris.

Supplier History

As most small companies start these days, it was through eBay. I have had an interest in most of the body modification world since a young age and regularly looked at more and more sites and became very open to the ideas. I realised during university that I would not have time to have a "real" job, so I decided to start selling Body jewellery on eBay. I started using a wholesaler based in the UK who supplied very high quality jewellery...this was the main area I decided to aim for as more or less 95% of the stuff on eBay is low quality jewellery imported for abroad. The eBay sales started off slow and grew until it was now feasible to open a shop online. I realised that many people used eBay to find cheep items, bargains. It was clear at the prices I could sell the goods it would be no problem to sell them...months later, the 1st version of www.bodysteeluk.com was launched. This is now in to its 3rd version and much of 2003-2004 was spent developing the idea. (something that is always an important part of our site is to not only provide the jewellery but also give something back to the user).

Progression of features on site

2003 - 2004 - Bodysteeluk.com was launched. Products photographed and put online.

2004 Winter - Development of user galleries. Knowledge base for general questions of the piercing type database was added (soon to be put under construction in late 2005 for additional information to be added).

2005 Spring - Site was developed to be sleeker, more easy to navigate , plus more product options on gauge and an additional 100 new products added.

2005 Summer - Forum has been launched. Currently we have 123 users who have posted over 1000 posts in under 2 months. The forum is being used for chat amongst our community but also to share knowledge of the arts to help each other in such areas as healing mods.


I would be more than willing to let the public know who I deal with...all I can say is it's one of the leading UK companies, (I refuse to deal with cheap imports). I go along the lines of true "Body jewelery" not "fashion". We choose the wholesalers we do due to many reasons: their service to us and prices/quality aspects. We have used many wholesalers and have been very unhappy with the results so we have never used many of them again. Generally, if the items have been seen on eBay or another shop we will have ordered them at some point to see what they have to offer first hand. Because we have looked at the items first hand, we believe that we can put the best items up for sale online. And you guys, the customers, will be happier.

Future Goals

We have many plans...
  • Artist Database. The site is set up, we are gathering details of artists as they submit there work. We hope to have it running by 2006.
  • Custom items where the customer can make up their barbell with the attachments etc. 2 of these can be seen in the industrial image.
  • Promotions

    Promotions are what usually keep the customers happy and regular to us. We have never had any catches involved. Our last promotion was titanium BCR rings for 30p each. We regularly offer many promotions and lower prices.

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